Monday, August 29, 2011

Duluth Trail Fest

A old co-worker once asked why I ran and biked. Jokingly I told him I am trying to kill myself slowly. He said it actually sounds like you are trying to kill yourself quickly. An example, this weekend my aunt and I did 3 runs in two days. Two on the 27th, Park Point Beach 5k run in the morning and Chester Tester Hill Challenge 5k run at night. Then the following morning, Superior Hiking Trail 15k. The runs were part of the Duluth Trail Fest. It was a challenge!! Ran on sand during the first race, a very nasty hill that I practically had to climb up on the second one and the third race was my favorite, it was a trail. I totally recommend the runs!

My times:
30:54 - Park Point Beach Run
38:48 - Chester Tester Hill Challenge
2:15:42 - Superior Hiking Trail

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