Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday April 24th

Last Saturday I biked the farther I have ever biked, 63 miles!! Went to Muenster, TX for an orgazined ride, It was intense, brutual, amazing!!! Fighting the wind the whole time, the hills kept coming and coming and giving AND GIVING, sun was beating down. LOVED IT!! Kept a 12mph pace, I would trying to bump it up to 15mph. From now to the end of August, I am going to try to bike in at least two rides/tours/rallies a month. April 17th I did a ride too in Mount Vernon, 45 miles. Compared to Muenster, Mt Vernon was a Sunday stroll in the park. (laughing)

Freakin' out a little bit today. So much to do but only 4 months. Planning a trip up to Portland in May, check out apartments and take a bike tour around Portland ( Everything will be fine, just have one of those days.

Micah enjoying the sun last week!

Went to a Rangers game on Sunday with a few friends and coworkers. Tailgated before the game, talked during the game, great times!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

next step

Lately, I have been feeling like it's time for a change. Dallas is not my home but everytime I go up to Minneapolis, it feels less and less like house. I cannot stand my job. Been here 6 years! Find it unfulfilling. I am ready for a new city(PORTLAND!) and a new job (no clue). Trying to think in two to five year spans instead thinking 'what do I want to do/live for the rest of my life?' That's a little overwhelming.

Since moving to Dallas, I have felt like I have discovered myself, come out of my shell. I have been doing the activities I love to do - camping (with friends, sister, BY MYSELF!), biking (100 mile ride in August, biking in rallies once a month), jogged two half-marathons, working on having a vegan kitchen, taking public transportation more, going to the gym four times a week.... Dallas is not a BAD city, I just want more. From what I heard about Portland, it's a place I want to live in (for at least two years, don't want to commit myself to forever). I am excited about the move. Spetember 2nd, Drew and I start the drive up the California coast to Portland!! New adventure!

Dream time ~ live in a tiny little two bedroom house (antique-y, dark wood, brown, red, home-y) with basement (treadmill, movie/game/bar room) and backyard garden (preferably with a hot tub, grill, fire pit, flowers, fruits and veggie,), 2 dogs, 2 cats and no kids. I want to stay active (running, biking, volunteer at a park) and go on a (big) trip (Europe, Africa, Asia, south America, etc) every three years ~ when I am ready to settle down, that's is what I want. Right now, I like moving around, exploring. Depending how Portland goes, Alaska and the East Coast is on my list of places to life!