Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday December 18

Last night eight co-workers and I went to Deep Sushi in Deep Ellum. Pretty good!! I had Miso soup and Sweet Potato Sushi. MMMM!!! Then we went over to Club Dada and saw Kevin (co-worker who plays the drums) play in his band, Fourth Frame. It was fun!

Week Before Christmas

It was very foggy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I work on the 26th floor, when you look at the window it looks like you are in a cloud. Pretty cool!! This picture was taken right outside my office building.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its raining today. This picture was taken for the stairwell on the second level, its the courtyard. Tuesday and Wednesday were very foggy. Its weird not bundling up to go outside (I am not complaining!).

Monday, December 15, 2008

December 12th, Holiday Party Pictures

The Company Holiday party was on Friday at the City Club (69th floor) in downtown Dallas. The view was amazing. Picture of people mingling after dinner.

A dance off!!!

Erinn would not smile.

At the party you could have your picture taken, this is a picture with Champika, Apek and I.

Jennifer and I all dressed up!! The next day a four of us went over to Jennifer's house and had Tater Toter Hotdish (I just ate the tater toters). Only one people there was not from MN and never had a hotdish before.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


This sign was right in front of the gate to get out this morning. Hilarious!!! One would never find a sign like this in Minneapolis and up there there is actually has reason for the sign. The weather right now in Dallas is 33 degree. I am still just wearing my fall jacket with a scarf. It flurried a little bit on Tuesday night but melted right away. I am really enjoying the winter here so far!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Half Marathon

This morning during an apartment event, a couple were talking about going to Austin during President Day weekend to run a half marathon. There was four of us who said 'lets do it'. Hopefully we do!! I have around 2 months to train. As of right now, I jog 3 mile three to five times a week. I think I can do it!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving went well. Nothing will ever re-place running the Turkey Trot with aunt Kim then Thanksgiving at Grandma's but it was an ok substitute. Shawn and I both made a pie on Wednesday. Shawn said he called grandma a couple times while making it.
Shawn's caramel, chocolate pecan pie!!!
My pumpkin pie!!
Thanksgiving morning, we ran in the Turkey Trot around downtown Dallas. We got back home and I made mashed potato/califlower. Really good!!! Around 2:30pm we went our seperate ways. Shawn went to a co-workers' house and I went to a co-workers' house. It was nice. There was nine of us there. Potluck style. After dinner we watched Sex & the City movie and some football. At midnight, Champika, Kyle, Elbert and I went shopping at the Allen Outlet Mall. It was nuts!! Tons of people. I purchased a couple Christmas presents. We stayed out until 3am!!!