Friday, August 28, 2009

The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project is this girl pledging to wear one dress for one year and try every day to re-invent the dress. Its her way of getting the fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation noticed. The foundation is a grassroot movement that is revolutizing education in India. I like looking at all her outfits. She is very creative!

Labor Day, September 7th

All over Dallas there will be free yoga classes on Labor Day!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

European Holiday

I got back from my European vacation yesterday! It feels good to be home (own bed, pillows, not living out of a suitcase) but at the same time, I wish I still was in Europe (love their culture, walking about, not stuck in a cube). Below are some of my favorite pictures:To get to my hotel in Berlin, I decided that I would take the bus and train there. This is the map I see. After a split second of panic and 15mins of looking at the map, I figured it out!!!
This is the TV Tower in Prague. It was built when the Communist ruled Hungary, still in use today. Recently, they put statues of babies going up the TV Tower, it is suppose to represent that if your babies watch TV we will turn into monsters.
I am in the soldier stand at the palace (now its a couple museums) in Vienna.
In Vienna, we went to a orchestra performance. Its about half the group.
This is in Budapest. Relaxing on our balcony!

Monday, August 10, 2009

July 29th thru August 9th

Still trying to recover from my MN trip!! I am assistant leader of a coed boy scout explorer group, this summer our trip was to backpack Isle Royale! It was AMAZING!!! We backpacking over 30 miles. August 2nd thru 6th.I volunteered with the Fringe Festival on July 30th and August 7th. It is my 5th year volunteering! Love it!!
Tried to see all my friends while I was in town! Julie and I got lunch on Friday the 7th!
Saturday the 8th, Jena and I went to the Pizza Luce Block Party then saw a Fringe Festival play.Went to the bars a couple times with Drew and Anna!
Shannon, Andy and I met for brunch at uptown Diner on Sunday! MMM...greasy breakfast food!!
Faith, Sara and I got breakfast at Perkin the first breakfast I was in Mpls. I miss Perkins!My siblings, dad, his new wife and I after their wedding.

And, of course, I hung out with my favorite person.

almost two months...

since the last time I blogged. Time just got away from me. June 28th thru July4th- two aunts, four cousins and my sister came to visit Shawn and I! June 11th, 11 co-workers and I floated down the Guadalupe River near Austin. Very fun!!! The weekend after that, I went to a Twins vs Rangers game with some MN coworkers who came down to TX too.The Twins won!!!My weekend have been packed! July 24th thru 26th, Jennifer and I went down to Austin with some of her family. We went boating on Saturday afternoon then to the bars later that night!