Friday, September 17, 2010

little things cause big changes

bike, walk dog, read, travel ~ my manifesto

Lately I have been waiting/wishing for something major it happen- ex. new job, move to different state.... But sometimes it's all the little things added up that makes a big change. I need to start remembering that. August 28th, I biked 100 miles; September 4th, ran my fastest time (PR) 6 miles in 48.42 miles, I usually run 10min miles; I got a dog (Alison) and a cat(Pretty); hung pictures on my wall, first time in two years; I have more friends here than I had in Minnesota. None of it is major but those little things added up has caused a major change in me, I am the healthiest I have ever been and my apartment feels like home. First time in 7 years, since I have moved out of my childhood/parent's home, I am calling my apartment home.......I do not know how do end this posting.