Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vietnam Day 1 & 2

I got back yesterday from a 26 day trip ("holiday") around southeast Asia. Went up through Vietnam, over to Laos, down to Bangkok, Thailand then a quick 4 day tour to Siem Reap. AMAZING!! The food, MMMM, I miss the food!! The sites and sounds were overwhelming at first but then after about a week, it becomes the norm. It now seems too quiet back here in Minnesota.

I landed in Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon on Friday July 8th at 11pm. I was freaked out, worried. No one I know has been to Asia before, no one. I did not know what to expect. All the blogs and websites talked about how amazing the countries are. I also heard about the crime and purse snatching. There were tons of people outside the airport doors. All waiting. I found a taxi and paid $15. It is crazy how they drive over there. Really no concern for the painted road lines, no blinkers, motor scooters everywhere and lots of them. I held my breathe for most of the ride. I got the to hotel just fine and in one piece. Went to bed around 1am and woke up at 5am. For about the next two weeks of the trip, I was only about to see until 5am everyday.

I didn't meet with my group from Gap Adventures until that night for dinner. I got a map from the front desk and decided to walk around. I could not get a good picture of how many motor scooters are on the road and how they drive.

It was crazy!! To cross the street, you wait until there is a little break in the traffic then just start walking. Walk with intent and slowly. People drive in front and behind you. It's really scary at first. I felt like frogger. A couple times I waited until someone else crossed and followed them. I followed little children and old ladies.

For breakfast, I got pho at the Ben Than Market. Delicious!!!

Then walked around the rest of the day. Going back to the hotel room a couple times to relax and 'collect' myself.

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