Friday, February 1, 2008

First posting

First blog posting. WOW! Pressure.

I started this blog to document my journey from newly vegetarian to vegetarian eating 70% raw. For the past two years, I have been trying to become vegetarian. But something always stopped me; not having a support group (for a while, I knew no one was who vegetarian), deciding the Thanksgiving turkey looked too good not to eat, not knowing what to eat, and other excuses. David and I started dating at the end of November 2007. He was a vegetarian and cooking some raw meals. I was totally intrigued. We started by making raw smoothies then raw burritos. In the last two months, I have been checking out raw cookbooks from the library. On my own, I have made raw corn chowder and smoothie. I like raw food. No, I love raw food. I like the way I feel afterwards, how my body feels and how satisfied I feel after eating. About two days ago, I decided I want to start eating more raw foods. My goal is to eat 70% raw; which I don’t think will be that hard. Smoothie and bread (mango essene bread in Juliano’s book RAW sounds really good) for breakfast. Spinach salad, raw cookies and clementine for lunch. There hundreds of different recipes to try for dinner.

Let the adventure begin.