Monday, September 15, 2008

Interesting weather weekend

It started on Wednesday while watching the morning news, the meteorologists were predicting that Hurricane Ike could be a tropical storm by the time it reached Dallas. WHAT?!!? I was picturing heavy rain, strong winds, flooding, dark skies and my cats freaking out. It was my topic of conversation all Wednesday. Then on the Thursday morning news, they said the storm was going to miss us and be more east. GRRR, I got all nervous for nothing. I never believed the meteorologists in Minneapolis but this was major. I have never even been close to a hurricane before. Never worried about one. The news on Friday morning said the hurricane could be a category 1. I changed the channel. Whatever. It was humid during the day.

Went out Friday night. A co-worker had a house welcoming party in the Uptown area then we went to the Corner Bar (it was like a college bar).

Saturday morning, the sky was gray, the wind was blowing and it was lightly raining. Flag football was canceled. I guess every TV channel was saying something different about the storm and the people who put the game together did not want to chance it. It was windy and rain off-and-on all day. I had cabin fever. Shawn came home after work wet and mud. He said they built the house in the rain. I baked artichoke heart/spinach/feta cheese calzones. Delicious!! It stopped raining later that night. I saw Burn After Reading at 11:25pm with some co-workers. Interesting movie. I cannot talk about the movie without giving something away.

Sunday was GORGEOUS!!! Sunny and a light breeze! I walked around Uptown then went to Buffalo Wild Wings with some co-workers to watch some football games. I laughed a little this morning. It was in the 50s. Its Minnesota weather.

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