Tuesday, September 2, 2008

some pictures

On August 22nd, my brothers, sister and I went over to my grandparent's house and had delicious dinner!!!
Since Shawn and I would be in Texas went Drew was graduating, Drew brought his outfit to Grandma's so we could take a sibling picture.

Grandma, Faith and I

Then that night Julie, Jena and I went to Dive Bar in Woodbury!!!

The next day, Julie and I just laid around her house. It felt good to relax. That night we went out for Mexican restuarant.

August 28th, Shawn and I started our drive down to Texas. My car was tip-top fill.

Driving!! The drive was looong. We stopped every four hours for gas and something to drink. We drove about 7 hours and stopped in Kansas City, MO to sleep.

Crossing the Texan border. Finally!!!!!

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