Saturday, December 3, 2011

where I am (and where I am not)

Lately I have been thinking a lot about life and where I am (& where I am not). Three months until I am thirty. Right now I am unemployed and living in a hotel. Sometime I get 'on' myself, why am I not married with kids and a house, loving husband and a job? But then I do a reality check, in the years I have been alive I have done amazing things. I have traveled to Europe twice, Asia for a month, volunteered - built homes and served food (soup kitchens and Feed My Starving Children), lived in 3 states, finished college, have an amazing dog and so much more. I am on a path I want to be on. As of right now, I am not a type of person who wants a house (or kids for that matter). I want to freedom to move and travel. Because I don't fit the 'tradional' lifestyle, I think, for me, discovering myself will take longer. I have to remind myself that life is an ongoing process, that I all keep growing and learning. Not to compare myself to my high school friend. I am unemployed right now because I got laid off and I have moved to a new state to find a job. And living out of a hotel is a like rock star-ish!!

  • similarities between romantic rejection and cocaine craving
  • After seeing the trailer for the Tintin movie, I really want to read old The Adventures of Tintin books.
  • the only thing I want for Christmas - a laptop cover that look like a book!!!
  • someone else who is also unemployed

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