Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mission Statement

I went to amazing session about creating a Mission Statement. This session really 'hit home' because after getting laid-off I have really been trying to figure me out. What do I want from life? I think having a mission statement and reviewing it every 6 months is a great idea. It will help me keep on track of my goal and change it if need to.

One of my values is adventure. Every day, every road trip, trying a new restaurant - all adventures. One of the suggestions I received was to also use risk-taker and courageous to describe myself. I thought those words felt so big and powerful. The more we talked and the more I thought about it, those words do fit. I've moved to Dallas, travel to Asia for a month, moved to North Carolina without a job and living in a hotel. According to wikipedia, courage means boldness; fearlessness; the ability to confront uncertainty and risk means probability of uncertain future events. Those words fit.

Leaving this session I feel like I have a lot more confidence in myself. I am an independent agent/consultant selling a product (me). Which is really hard for me but the tools I am getting from this session and others is helping. Reading blogs like Nerd Fitness and The Impossible HQ has also been helpful because the posts are making me think about what I want from/in life.

For the last week, I have been thinking about writing a manifesto. I am hoping these sessions and blogs are the tools I need to help me understand myself, get my thoughts a little more organized and articulate what is going on in my head. Like the mission statement, having a manifesto and reviewing/re-evaluate it every 6 months to a year will help me stay on track with my goals.

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