Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new chapter

I did it!! I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina on Monday November 28. All by myself, living in a hotel and no job. Scary? yes. Nervous? yes. Excited? Hell YES!!!

The one thing I have to remember to do is to stay 'active'. The first day I arrived in Charlotte, I started joining groups on My first meetup meeting is this Saturday, 3 mile run then breakfast at a coffee shop. Today I had a interview/meeting with a temp agency. Every day I look on for jobs. I am so grateful I have Alison, our walks help me get away from the computer and breathe. I think with a positive attitude anything is possible!!

Getting little ahead of myself but I am really excited about moving into a new apartment and decorating! My dad gave me six pictures (3 sketches of Paris that his dad bought back from WWII, 2 maps of Philmount, & family crest). Been looking around for some DIY projects. Found some fun ones on Mr. Kate, and Design*Sponge. I going to go hunting for globes, trunks and suitcases at thrift stores; get a world map to mark where I have been; frame and display some of my photos (Texas, Asia..).

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