Wednesday, August 26, 2009

European Holiday

I got back from my European vacation yesterday! It feels good to be home (own bed, pillows, not living out of a suitcase) but at the same time, I wish I still was in Europe (love their culture, walking about, not stuck in a cube). Below are some of my favorite pictures:To get to my hotel in Berlin, I decided that I would take the bus and train there. This is the map I see. After a split second of panic and 15mins of looking at the map, I figured it out!!!
This is the TV Tower in Prague. It was built when the Communist ruled Hungary, still in use today. Recently, they put statues of babies going up the TV Tower, it is suppose to represent that if your babies watch TV we will turn into monsters.
I am in the soldier stand at the palace (now its a couple museums) in Vienna.
In Vienna, we went to a orchestra performance. Its about half the group.
This is in Budapest. Relaxing on our balcony!

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