Monday, March 23, 2009

Good Weekend!!

Lately I have been feeling not happy. I am not unhappy, but I am not happy either. This weekend was the best weekend I had in about a month. It was the same old, same old but I was happier. I did nothing on Friday. Saturday morning I hiked around Cedar Ridge Preserve with the Hiking group. Made a new friend, Hannah from Germany. We exchanged numbers and plan on getting together soon. After the 6 mile hike, six of us from the group went to Veracruz Cafe for lunch. Later that night I went with some co-workers to Main Event in Plano for dinner and laser tag!! I scored second place in laser tag!! Then on Sunday I went to work for 3 hours then jogged 9 miles around White Rock Lake with two other people from the apartment.

I LOVE Texas weather, I just do not like Texas. I cannot pin-point the one thing that makes me not happy. Its lots of little things. Oh well, 1.5 years left. Time is going to fly by. Faith comes down to Texas for a week this Sunday. Sara and I have a road trip planned to Austin April 24th through 26th. We tentative planned to meet in Chicago for a weekend sometime this summer. The Dooleys are planning on coming down June 25th through July 5th. Then Sara is coming back to Dallas July 17th through 19th. We are going to the Rangers vs Twins games. July 31st through August 6th, Faith and I will be backpacking around Isle Royale with the Explorer group. I am probably stay in MN until Sunday August 9th. Four days later I am off on vacation to Berlin, Vienna, Prague and Budapest through August 25th. I have about 6 more runs planned in 2009. Then the busy season at work starts up again until March 2010. I want to visit New Orleans during one of the three day weekends and visit Las Vegas during another three day weekend in 2010. Spetember 1st my 2 year contact with Clark in up. Off I go to another state. I just keep reminding myself I am almost done. And to keep doing the things that make me happy; events, watching movies, hanging out with co-workers, reading, jogging, walking, hiking, exploring Texas, etc.

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