Monday, March 30, 2009

Faith is in TEXAS!!!

YEA!!, my sister is here!! Faith is spending her spring break with Shawn and I.She arrived on Sunday March 29th at 830am!!! This was her first time ever on a plane and it was by herself! We walked around Northpark Mall for a little bit then saw Monsters vs Aliens. Afterwards we ate lunch at Bangkok City on Greenville Ave. Faith and I split Pad Thai with tofu. It was ok. Tum Rup Thai in Minneapolis is soo much better. They went back to the apartment and took a three hour nap.
Today Shawn and Faith went to the grassy knoll. I met them there and we went to Cafe Ravenna for pizza. Delicious!!!

The plan is for me to work late tonight. To be able to take Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off, I need to get my big plan into review.
Tuesday- Faith and I are going to Britney Spears.
Wednesday- Faith and I are going to Ogle Beauty School to get facials, manicures and pedicures.
Thursday- the plan is for Faith and I to leave at 7am and take a mini roadtrip down to San Antonio. Walk the riverwalk, take a river boat tour, visit the Alamo then stay at the Menger Hotel. The hotel is suppose to be haunted!!
Friday- have lunch in Austin has we head back to Dallas. Shawn and I were thinking about having a little birthday party for Faith; pizza, cupcakes and movies.
Saturday- I have no idea. In the afternoon, I have a flag football game and Shawn was thinking that we should go have lunch with him.
Sunday- Faith has to be at the airport at 2pm. Probably make breakfast and walk the Katy train. The week is going to go by too quickly. :(

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Eddie G said...

Enjoy your time together :)