Wednesday, August 20, 2008

6 days left in Minneasota

Today I just order electricity that using 100% renewable resourses for the apartment down in Dallas!!! I cannot believe I am moving in less than a week. There is so much left to do and so many people I have to still visit.

As of right now, the plan is to start driving around 3pm on August 26th. I am going to meet Shawn in the parking lot of a casino right over the Iowa border. We are going to sleep somewhere around Kansas City, after around 7 hours of driving. I would like to be at the apartment by 2pm on Wednesday so we would have to be on the road again by 6am. The POD with all our stuff will arrive on Thursday. Shawn and I are hoping to have everything moved in that day. I want everything unpacked by Sunday. Labor Day, maybe ride my bike around White Rock Lake. Maybe swim in the pool. Maybe bake some bread so the apartment feels more like home. Shawn and I both start our new jobs on September 2nd.

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jkldooley said...

Will I be able to see you before you leave to give you a hug? By the way your hair is cute!!!