Monday, April 18, 2011


When my sister was in town three weeks ago, we picked up a jicama to eat while camping. Never ate it. The poor abandoned jicama is now at a use it or throw it away stage. I am leaving for Minnesota on Wednesday. Decided to give myself an Iron Chef challenge, what can I do with a jicama? After cutting it up, I have about two sandwich bags full. During work, I ate a couple sticks raw. For dinner, I cut some sticks into bite size piece and put it in the oven with a cut up sweet potato. Set the oven at 400 degree then waited 45 minutes. Topped it off with some salsa, almonds & olives on the side with frozen grapes for dessert.
(sorry about the iphone picture, my brother has my camera. He wanted to take pictures while he helped fix up a Boys & Girls Club building.)

Library Book:
Just finished I'm Down by Mishna Wolff, I decided to read something a little lighter after reading The Historian (six hundred & some odd pages) by Elizabeth Kostova and A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Great, quick, fun, summer book!

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