Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weekend in Dallas

I found 36 Hours in Dallas on nytimes.com, little disappointed in the article. It does not go off the beaten-path. Instead of going to the pricey Tex-Mex restaurants, why not go to the hole-in-the-wall places? Instead of 'flashier, with velvet-roped discos and bottle-service lounges', why not go to dive bars and karaoke bars? I think I am going to come up with my own list. Check out the Bishop Arts District, Deep Elm, local restaurants and cute stores. No malls or chain restaurants/stores. I am going to find my favorite Tex-Mex restauarant, shopping area, restaurant for brunch, dive bar, karaoke bar, ice cream/gelato place, area to walk around (Katy Trail or White Rock Lake), bar to watch football on Sunday and a couple others. So when people come down to visit me, I'll finally be able to take they places instead of saying 'I don't know'. I'm excited!!

The Goat is going to be on my list. The picture is of my brother and I singing (after a couple beers) on a Sunday night.

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Ayngelina said...

I'm always really disappointed when I read these reviews from the Times, they rarely find hidden gems and usually just write what everyone else has already recommended.