Tuesday, April 20, 2010

next step

Lately, I have been feeling like it's time for a change. Dallas is not my home but everytime I go up to Minneapolis, it feels less and less like house. I cannot stand my job. Been here 6 years! Find it unfulfilling. I am ready for a new city(PORTLAND!) and a new job (no clue). Trying to think in two to five year spans instead thinking 'what do I want to do/live for the rest of my life?' That's a little overwhelming.

Since moving to Dallas, I have felt like I have discovered myself, come out of my shell. I have been doing the activities I love to do - camping (with friends, sister, BY MYSELF!), biking (100 mile ride in August, biking in rallies once a month), jogged two half-marathons, working on having a vegan kitchen, taking public transportation more, going to the gym four times a week.... Dallas is not a BAD city, I just want more. From what I heard about Portland, it's a place I want to live in (for at least two years, don't want to commit myself to forever). I am excited about the move. Spetember 2nd, Drew and I start the drive up the California coast to Portland!! New adventure!

Dream time ~ live in a tiny little two bedroom house (antique-y, dark wood, brown, red, home-y) with basement (treadmill, movie/game/bar room) and backyard garden (preferably with a hot tub, grill, fire pit, flowers, fruits and veggie,), 2 dogs, 2 cats and no kids. I want to stay active (running, biking, volunteer at a park) and go on a (big) trip (Europe, Africa, Asia, south America, etc) every three years ~ when I am ready to settle down, that's is what I want. Right now, I like moving around, exploring. Depending how Portland goes, Alaska and the East Coast is on my list of places to life!

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