Tuesday, March 9, 2010

been awhile

5 months since my last blog, WOW, ooops! Nothing has happened but a lot has happened, I guess I should say nothing major has planned.

Faith and I went snow camping at the end of January in WI.

Jasmine died of kidney problem

got a new cat 2 months later, Micah
he LOVES to be in the sink, LOVES it!!

a lot of work and Starbucks soy chai teas

January 30th shot a gun for the first time. scary!!!

February 11th, Dallas got 12inches of snow!!! 1.5days off of work!! Enjoyed some margaritas!

February 14th, ran in the Austin Half Marathon, 4 mins better than last yr!!!
after that I decided I am done running for awhile and got a road bike. planning on biking a 100miles during the Hell than Hell ride!!

went camping at Huntsville State Park on February 20th and 21st.

February 26th, had a happy hour at Barcadia to celebrate my birthday with coworkers. went to Mineral Wells State Park for my 28th b-day!!

Sunday 28th, then went to my favorite restaurant, Lalibela Ethiopian, with some friends!

went camping again at Purtis Creek State Park March 5th thru 7th with some friends. made pies and sandwiches with the pudgie pie iron, LOVE it!!!

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