Monday, May 18, 2009

Fringe Festival

I just signed up to volunteer for the Fringe Festival July 30th and August 7th in Minneapolis!! This will be my fourth or fifth year volunteering. Love it!! From the website:
Q. What is Fringe?
A. Minnesota Fringe is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to connect adventurous artists with adventurous audiences. The biggest way we do this is by organizing the Minnesota Fringe Festival, an annual eleven-day performing arts extravaganza. In 2008, we issued 40,929 tickets to 154 shows. Most Fringe shows are 60 minutes or less and there's a 30-minute break between each show.

Q. When is Fringe?
A. Thursday, July 30 through Sunday, August 9, 2009 is our next festival. Give or take, Fringe is always the first two weekends (and the sandwiched weekdays) of August each year.

Q. Where is Fringe?
A. In the Uptown, West Bank and Northeast-North Loop districts of Minneapolis. In 2008, there were 14 venues standard Fringe venues and BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue) locations for site-specific works.

So as of right now, the plan it to arrive in MN 11pm on July 29. Probably volunteer at three shows for the Fringe Festival then get ready for my camping trip on the 30th. July 31st thru August 6th, Faith, I and eight other are to to backpack around Isle Royale, an island off of Michigan. Volunteer at another three shows on the 7th. My dad is getting married on Saturday the 8th. Then I fly out back to Dallas on Sunday the 9th. Four days later I leave for my Berlin, Vienna, Prague and Budapest trip!!!

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