Friday, February 27, 2009

reflecting at a personal milestone

I cannot believe it. Today I am 27 years old! I remember being 18 and thinking how far away my 27th birthday was, my golden birthday. Here it is. Today. WOW! I am a little speakless. Hitting this personal milestone has me reflecting on where I have gone, where I am now, and where I am headed. Looking back, a lot of things have happened. Finished school with a BS in Human Resource Management. Parents got divorced. My mom passed away. Traveled to London, Paris and Rome. Ended a three year relationship. Backpacked for a week on the Superior Hiking Trail. Canoed for a week in the Boundary Waters. Some friends have gotten married. Some friends have kids. My sister became my best friend. Lived in Uptown Minneapolis for 2 years. Been assaulted and robbed. Lived with the grandparents for 3 months. I am now living in Dallas, Texas with my brother and we are fighting a lot less than I ever imagined. Ran a half marathon on February 16th. And have been at Clark Consulting for 5 years. I believe I am on the path I want to be on. Some goals I have for my future: move to at least three more states, join the PeaceCorp, go on a trip every year, get my Masters, run a marathon.....

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