Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Austin, TX February 13th thru 16th

Amanda, Stacy, Susan, Kathy and I left Dallas on Friday evening for a weekend in Hill Country. We stayed at Amanda's grandparent's house in Llano, about an hour north of Austin. Friday night we got there around 11pm and pretty much went right to bed. The next day Amanda, Kathy and I went for an easy 2 mile run.
Driving to Austin on February 14th in the afternoon.

We were driving around looking for somewhere to eat. We decided to have dessert first. Soy ice cream at Toy Joy . Kathy and I had Chai Curious smoothies.

Susan, Amanda and Kathy had soy ice cream in a cone. Amanda asked the people at Toy Joy some suggests on where to eat lunch. They said Daily Juice.

Daily Juice is a raw vegan restaurant. Delicious!!! I got the Texicali Tacos.
Susan got a Texicali Taco and Ginger Miso Soup.
Amanda got the Avocado Caesar sandwich and Avocado Sandwich.
Kathy got an Enchilada.
Stacy got the Southwestern Salad. It all was amazing!!!
Then we went to the expo to look around and got our packets.
We were at Whole Foods for about an hour getting groceries for the weekend. Kathy, Amanda, Erin and Susan goofying off in the kitchen while we made Valentines dinner on Saturday.
MMMMM...dinner was good!!!
I am wearing a gray long-sleeve shirt behind the girl in the green shirt. Susan and Stacy were between mile 6 and 7 to cheer Kathy, Amanda, Erin and I on while we ran the Austin half marathon. I ran it in 2hrs 14mins!!! It turned out to be a perfect day. A little chilly and windy in the morning then as soon as we were done with run, the sun came out!
Erin, Amanda, Kathy and I showing off our medals. Kathy has an ice pack on her knee.
We went back to Llano after the run to shower and get ready. We went to Becker Vineyards to sample some wines.
Then we had dinner at Auslander Biergarten & Restaurant, a german restaurant, in Fredericksburg. MMMM...veg burger and side salad. After dinner we started watching Princess Bride, I went to bed about 20mins into the movie. I was so tired.
We went to Enchanted Rock on Monday afternoon.
Walking on the hill.
It was really pretty on top of the mountain. There are hills in Texas, its not all flat.
While driving back to Dallas Monday night we saw, sheep, goats, cows, horses and donkeys.

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