Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I have a box of books, two paper bags of clothes and four shoes (in boxes) going to to GoodWill. It's a slow process. I always think 'maybe one day I'll wear it'. etc - 'I'll wear it when I go to the cabin' or 'on vacation' or 'to the office'. So lately I have been wearing my 'maybe one day' shirts to work and usually I cannot wait to get home to change out of it. Why do I hang on to ill-fitting, too short or just not my taste clothing? My goal is to have at least two more paper bags full of clothes and a box of books. The plan it still to move out of Texas July 1st, probably move back to Minnesota until I find a new job.

I purchased my (pretty) laptop 1) because in less than 4 months I will not last have works' computer and 2) my goal is to get rid of my TV. As of right now my nine year old TV just sits on the floor, no cable, just movies. I am going to give myself a month to see if no TV is a good idea, if yes then bye-bye TV.

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