Monday, December 1, 2008


Thanksgiving went well. Nothing will ever re-place running the Turkey Trot with aunt Kim then Thanksgiving at Grandma's but it was an ok substitute. Shawn and I both made a pie on Wednesday. Shawn said he called grandma a couple times while making it.
Shawn's caramel, chocolate pecan pie!!!
My pumpkin pie!!
Thanksgiving morning, we ran in the Turkey Trot around downtown Dallas. We got back home and I made mashed potato/califlower. Really good!!! Around 2:30pm we went our seperate ways. Shawn went to a co-workers' house and I went to a co-workers' house. It was nice. There was nine of us there. Potluck style. After dinner we watched Sex & the City movie and some football. At midnight, Champika, Kyle, Elbert and I went shopping at the Allen Outlet Mall. It was nuts!! Tons of people. I purchased a couple Christmas presents. We stayed out until 3am!!!


faith said...

pumpkin & pecan pie looks soo good & dad said that you used he recipe

faith said...

can't what to see you @ Chrismas