Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Moving to Dallas

While in Mexico during the last week of February, my co-workers found out that our office is closing and relocationing down to Dallas. A co-worker called me the day I got back. First, I freaked out. I have been thinking about finding new job but I wanted to be it on my terms. I calmed down a couple days later. Then I decided to entertain to idea of moving down to Dallas. Had the interview on April 2nd in Dallas. April 9th I received the job offer and accepted two days later. I have always wanted to move to Denver. I feel like moving to Dallas and working for 2 more years (I have been with the company for 4yrs) is my jumping board to Denver. Moving to Dallas, the company has a relocation package and other co-workers are moving down too. But moving to Denver will be all on me, no relocation package and no friends.

Texas is a HUGE state, maybe one weekend a month explore a different area/city of Texas. A co-worker at Northface recommended getting a part-time job at a store I like to make friends. Thinking about always joining some groups on meetup.com. I am not the type of person to sit home and watch TV. Thinking about finding an apartment near the White Rock Lake. Its 9 miles around. Ride my bike around after work. Also thinking about taking the bus or train into work everyday. It would be so nice not to drive!!

I cannot wait to start this adventure!!!

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